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Taking Comm. College Courses summer before freshman fall? : Is taking community college courses for credit over the summer before freshman year at Berkeley allowed? I already took Econ02 at a community college but would need to take Econ01 as well in order to wave the econ class at Cal. ​ I think on Berkeley's admissions conditions it says they can revoke the admission if: "You completed any college/university coursework after high school graduation (except for summer session coursework immediately following high school graduation)." ​ Does that mean I can't take community college courses over the summer (since that's post-high school) for transferrable credit? Thanks! ​ Edit: I'm trying to figure out if I should sign up for the micro/macro AP tests instead if it's not allowed (and I'm unsure if you can take Econ02 Micro and take the AP macro and merge the credit), though I think taking the Econ02 class would be a bit of a waste if I can't take Econ01 over the summer :( submitted by /u/tortillachips1600 [link] [comments]

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