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18 days ago

looking for neighborhood recommendations? : hi yall, i know there's about a billion posts about this but i haven't quite found one for my situation, so i hope this is alright. i'm currently a student at valencia, and will be transferring to UCF next fall. my major will be based out of the downtown campus. also, i work at universal. i was wondering if anyone has recommendations for safe neighborhoods that are in a good location compared to these places. i'm 20F, so safety is honestly my number one priority. right now i live in a student apartment across from UCF's main campus; the commute to my job sucks, and the commute to downtown UCF is going to suck once i start attending there. not excited about it. which is why i'm asking now for advice so i can look into areas more and do proper research ahead of time, and not have to stress about it in the future. since rent will play a factor in the area i'd live, i can't do more than probably $1200 before utilities. downtown is hella expensive so i've pretty much struck that one down. any advice or suggestions is super appreciated! <3 Full Article
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