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6 days ago

Safety in Berkeley Over The Summer (And In General) : I took the Spring 2019 semester off and just honestly haven't been in Berkeley for quite a while besides that. However, I'm returning for Summer Session C, and I've heard from friends who did complete the 2018-2019 academic year that Berkeley has gotten much less safe. Is this true? As a female (and I don't mean to imply anything by this statement), I feel much more vulnerable. Before, I'd do plenty of risky things safety-wise--during the Fall 2017 semester I walked home, in the rain or even at 3 AM by myself from Moffitt (with my phone out, listening to music, and a few dollars in my hand). Despite my obvious carelessness, I've personally never had anything bad happen to me safety-wise, other than the homeless sometimes making random comments as I walked by. If it's actually true that Berkeley has gotten less safe, is BearWalk a thing over the summer? I just don't want constant anxiety over my safety/paranoia about being robbed to stress me even more. I also only have one friend (that I know of) in Berkeley over the summer and a few acquaintances, but we don't live anywhere near each other. Consequently, I don't really want to ask them to walk me (or with me) home or anything. I also live on Southside, which is less safe, unfortunately. Berkeley will probably be less full of students during Session C, which is both good and bad, I guess. I actually feel safer when there are more people. My summer classes mostly end at 2 PM so I think it would be a bit absurd to ask someone to walk me home when it's still very much during the daytime. Overall, I don't plan to be out past 7-8 PM (at least over the summer). Full Article
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