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9 days ago

Any equestrians or marine biologists in the Tampa/Surrounding counties? My husband and I would love your advice and insight! : Hi there! My husband and I are seriously considering moving to the Tampa area. We are hoping to make the move within the next few years. We've narrowed down the counties to Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Polk, Hardee and Desoto. I have a hunter/jumper training business and I would like to move the business with us. It's a small boutique business, would need 7-10 stalls max. My husband is a marine biologist, and we would like to find something related to his field within reasonable driving distance. He would like to do ANYTHING ocean-related. His masters focused on conservation of sharks. ​ A few questions: What's your experience with riding in that area? I know Florida is flooded with equestrians, but I can imagine there's a little change of scenery between Wellington/Ocala and Tampa? I have looked at horse property currently finished, but we are probably going to start with purchasing land (we will build a small mini farm, 3-5 acres). Any advise on location/these specific counties/any insight to the environment of those counties? We are an open minded, bi-racial, young couple from San Francisco though we aren't worried about finding a neighborhood that matches our values 100%. Through my research I have found the more south you go, the better in terms of politics but I am not too concerned with that because we are currently living in East TN. We would like to be within reasonable distance of fun events/things to do and the beach. We are complete beach bums at heart and would like to be able to go out for fun/drinks every once in awhile without having to make it a big event. We are okay with living out in the "country". We do prefer quiet neighborhoods for every-day activities. Do any of these counties offer a thriving ocean/biology field? Should we consider one county over another for my husband's field? Is there anything we should expect specifically or anything that would concern us in terms his ability to find a job? We have researched positions on indeed and found there seems to be quite a bit of options. ​ Thank you so much for your help! Full Article
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