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10 days ago

Orlando Shower Thoughts: Driving in Orlando is like playing Mario Kart, except you can die and it's not actually any fun. : In all seriousness, what in god's name is up with the drivers/roads in Orlando? It's absolutely *awful* there. I'm from a different city in Florida and went there yesterday to meet a friend and was horrified at how bad things are in that city - at this point in my life I consider myself a very good and defensive driver and 3 times I almost got into a wreck because of other people who were just driving....stupid. I don't understand how some drivers there even feel ok getting behind the wheel. The roads are also a complete mess and there's so much construction that wasn't set up well that made everything worse (I know that it's never ending, and I hear that a current project is projected to take 8 years? WHAT?) . Why is the city investing in *more* roads, why aren't people pushing more for public transportation? I know that America is unfortunately based on the car, but I wish that people could travel more outside of this country to see how behind we are with public transportation and how bad it is to build cities based on cars. I actually felt scared for my life several times during the day. ​ ...And, my friend got into a terrible wreck on the way out of Orlando yesterday and her rental car was totaled - it looked like a crumpled bal. Wasn't her fault it all, it was because a driver was being an idiot and not slowing down/being cautious in a construction zone with warning signs *everywhere*. She easily could have died in it, or any of the other people involved, and everyone got really lucky that no one was seriously hurt. ​ I don't know, I wish people would see how bad it is to be building cities for cars vs public transportation. I would never live in Orlando again (I did for college) because of the drivers there. Full Article
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