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12 days ago

Magister colin leslie dean the only modern Renaissance man : Magister colin leslie dean the only modern Renaissance man with 9 degrees including 4 masters: B,Sc, BA, B.Litt(Hons), MA, B.Litt(Hons), MA, MA (Psychoanalytic studies), Master of Psychoanalytic studies, Grad Cert (Literary studies) : who proved Godels theorems to be invalid also a leading erotic poet and showed science/mathematics ends in meaninglessness 1)Mathematics/science ends in contradiction:an integer=a non-integer 2) the theory of evolution ends in meaninglessness 3) biology is not a science 3) biologists dont know what a species is-thus theory of evolution is nonsense all very simple and clear the facts are 1) 1 is a finite number it stops A finite decimal is one that stops, like 0.157 A non-finite decimal like 0.999... does not stop when a finite number 1 = a non-finite number 0.999.. then maths ends in contradiction another way 1 is an integer a whole number 0.888... is a non-integer it is not a whole number 0.999... is a non-integer not a whole number when a integer 1 =a non-integer 0.999... maths ends in contradiction 2)1)Darwins book is called On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection .... but this paper shows natural selection is not the origin of new species Natural selection is not the origin of new species Natural selection does not generate new genes/species Natural selection adds no new genetic information as it only deals with the passing on of genes/traits already present and it will be pointed out genetics cannot account for the generation of new species/genes as it is claimed the generation of new genes [via mutation] is a random process due to radiation, viruses, chemicals etc and genetic cannot account for these process happening as they are out side the scope of genetics physics, chaos theory etc may give some explanation but genetics cant 2) Biologist cant tell us what a species is -without contradiction thus evolution theory ie evolving species is nonsense Biologists agree there is species hybridization but that contradicts what a species is 3) biologist tell us they investigate life but they cant tell us what life is-they can tell us what life does but cant tell us what life is they cant even give a definition of life that is not nonsense submitted by /u/qiling [link] [comments] Full Article
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