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13 days ago

30 M Moving from coast to coast : Hey there! I am looking to move from NY to Sacramento in May. I am looking for someone who needs a roommate. I know it's a ways away still. Me: I like to keep my place clean. I'm not a loud party animal and I'm mostly a homebody. I'm a morning person who gets up at around 5:30 or 6 AM. I don't call in sick to work or play hooky. I don't do drugs or drink much but I have no problem with people smoking. My diet consists of what any omnivore would eat. You: Are courteous of others A morning person or a quiet night time person Hopefully you don't party a lot and you are responsible Aside from recreationally smoking pot or ciggarettes you don't do any other drugs or drink heavily Like to keep your place looking nice as well I'm looking for a place that is a reasonable distance from shopping, public transport, etc. Also, I would prefer that rent include everything (if possible) and the room would be furnished. I will only have a few bags and a laptop. I'm looking for about $500 to $800 a month maybe more. If you are interested just send me a message. I'm looking for jobs as well and getting things set up for my move. Thanks for reading this! Full Article
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