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What are we doing with our time and energy? : NEETdom ( the state of No Employment, Education or Training) is strongly frowned upon in our society. Everybody I know works nine to five (except the government officials OFC). In rural areas people work their asses off in their farms. And the manual labors work literally work twelve hours a day from 6 AM to 6 PM. All this and we can't even feed ourselves. Like what are we even producing with all that busy work? It's no news to anyone that we don't even produce enough food to feed half the population when over 60% of our population works in farm. A short 15 KM bus ride from Bhaktapur to Kathmandu takes over an hour. Even basic, easy to manufacture good needs to imported. We have all the rocks and stones in the world but nobody is making impressive bridges and roads out of them. Let alone manufacturing, we can't even assemble pre-made parts in our country. If it was not for remittance and tourists we would have resorted to eating each other. Like what do these people even do at office/work all day? Solve Captcha? The "work" seems to be nothing more than daycare for adults. End Rant.

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2 months ago

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