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15 days ago

How does anybody enjoy living in southern California? : I recently visited southern california for 4 days. I stayed in Oceanside nice town. Visited palm springs, San Diego, LA. I visited northern California travelled well through the United States, Canada and the world for that matter. 3rd time visiting California. But I have had never gone further south than LAX in my previous visits. I found Southern California unbearable compared to the rest of California I'm talking about the region from San Bernadino down to San Diego and everything west of that. First the people seem really snobby and rude all the service I recieved was sub standard. From rent a cars to sit down dinners. Traffic is terrible. Lots of homeless and mentally ill all over the place which is sad. Everything is way over priced compared to rest of US. Thing is I kept thinking to myself I would really like to ask why would anyone would live in California over South Carolina or Florida (if you like warm weather) or any of the southern states on the gulf? Full Article
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