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3 months ago

Housing Maintenance Fee? : I’ve worked in Korea for over 5 years now and my current employer is taking out of my (and other employees) check 50,000 won a month for a “housing fee.” I have a standard studio size apartment and I pay for gas and electricity. I had a Korean friend call the landlord and the only moneys required to live there are the 3 million won key money (put down by my employer) and 350,000 won a month. The landlord told my friend there is no housing maintenance fee. I’ve asked my employer before about it and said it was for cleaning and upkeep of the apartment. I told her I’ve never paid for that when working at other schools. Also, in my contract it mentions nothing of a maintenance fee. It only states that the employer will provide me with a apartment to live in. It seems like she’s skimming my paycheck every month which adds up to 600,000 won a year. Has anyone ever had issues with this and if so how did you resolve it? I’m thinking about calling the labor board and asking their opinion and will talk to my employer again knowing now that the landlord doesn’t charge for that. Any information would be great. Thanks Full Article
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