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3 days ago

The problem with the /r/berkeley mod team is that we give infantile adults with zero experience managing a community full control over a million+ users. There are going to be major issues no matter how you go about it because it takes experience to manage posts. : Let them play play-government all they want. It's not like they can do any real harm running a student subreddit. The bit continously causing so much controversy is how we're just letting a bunch of alumni NEETs with nothing but AOL chat rooms and a volunteer trip to a reddit global meetup on their resumes manage a multimillion-user forum. Of course the mods themselves will see no issue with this, but I think we can all agree that someone with actual experience should be in charge of the janitor portion. I say this as someone who manages a large discord channel. Managing millions is really, really hard work. There's simply no way the mod team has what it takes to put these shitposts to their best use and not have a significant portion fall to waste. submitted by /u/sminja [link] [comments] Full Article
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