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Seeking Musicians for Bengaluru Recording Session : I am an American coming to Bengaluru tonight and staying through the weekend. Seeking musicians of all kinds for a jam/recording session this Saturday or Sunday. The session will also be recorded in HD video. Depending on the response I will be calling around to different recording studios and seeing if we can book a day during the weekend. If none are available, we will need to set up on our own somewhere else with our own equipment. Looking for players of any classical Indian instruments, modern instruments, vocalists, producers, technicians and sound engineers, or other volunteers. I will be on the guitar, possibly sitar, and vocals. I specialize in flamenco/classical and improvisational styles of guitar playing. If you work as a session or studio musician I am open to paying you for your time. Direct Influences for the session: Classical Indian Chants, (More Chants), Classical Ragas, 1970s Psychedelic, Jazz and Funk such as Miles Davis, Alice Coltrane, CAN, Flamenco music such as Paco De Lucia. The sound will be an ultimate fusion of east/west, classical and modern. If you are interested please send recordings of your playing.

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6 months ago

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