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Question about my community’s raksi? : Hello! Namaste! Jholee! Etc! I’ve been in my Palpali neighborhood (Tahooñ) for 23 months now- and am well associated with the local “wine,” raksi. Being in a magar/newari dense area, this is a welcomed fact as here my own American culture clanks glasses with the local culture. Cheers! Even though I speak nepali well enough to live here and carry out my work, I can’t seem to understand what these types of raksi are, and was wondering if this subreddit could help me out! Sounds like “bakumbet(ko)” raksi: i’m told it is a medicinal plant found in the hills of nepal. They harvest it and pisnu, and add it to the raksi. What is this plant in english?? Sounds like “siyal(ko)” raksi. When I asked what it was he said “ekdami bisesh ta kinnuparcha.” Then started to make chicken/howl noises. So I did buy it of course- but what exactly was he talking about? Di maale! Best from Palpa! C

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2 months ago

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