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5 days ago

Dear AFS Cinema, Please replace the theater doors. : Ok I know this post will get buried but I needed to post this. I LOVE the afs cinema. The programming is so good and I have been a member for a long time. Jasmine’s programs for the late night series has been on point! That being said I have one big request. PLEASE PUT IN SILENT DOORS IN THE THEATERS. Since they revamped the whole cinema there has been an increase in audience and more and more people are coming. Which is so fucking awesome! I want them to succeed. But tonight after seeing Wild at heart sitting in one of the back rows. holy lord! People were coming and going from the theater the entire time. Which I’m like OK that’s totally fine. But the theater doors are like security doors with a push leaver and every time it opens and closes it makes such a noise. It’s not a traditional theater set up and the main door is like 10 feet away from where your sitting. At least 60 times people got up and went through those doors through out the show. My girlfriend and I were sitting and we both just looked at each other through out the show thinking this has never happened before. While we could just not sit so close to the back in the future. I couldn’t help but feel like it bothered more than just me and it would be an easy fix with just changing out the doors so they don’t have the “push latch” . Ok rant done! Full Article
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