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4 months ago

Lifelong Quest for Pickles : I grew up not far from Baltimore, and as a kid my family often ate at Jerry’s Pizza and Subs. I wasn’t crazy about the pizza, but I couldn’t get enough of those very thin sliced pickle chips they had in the topping bar. I would fill several of the little topping cups full of these pickles and eat them all while we waited for our food. 20-some years later, I live on the other side of the country, but the distinctive bite of those pickles still haunts me. I have thought about these things for the better part of a decade. I have searched for “bulk sliced pickles” from a few online vendors, but haven’t found anything that looks similar, these pickles were super thin. I don’t know if anybody here can ask around at a Jerry’s or maybe works or used to work at one, but I am begging all of you, as a former Marylander, reunite me with my favorite pickles. Thanks in advance Full Article
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