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12 days ago

Since Mike Miske is back in the news, don't forget to vote. : Everyone likes to complain that their vote doesn't count but this particular seat shows how much it does. 22 votes difference! Me personally I would say Waters. Primarily because a vote for Ozawa seems to be a vote for Mike Miske. Short version: - Miske puts up illegal lights on a tree in a public park but uses political pressure for a temporary permit. - Government emails are FOIA'd that state: "The emails show Miske refused to comply with the terms and conditions of the temporary permit, insisting that he would not remove the lights when the permit expired and threatening to retaliate if he did not get his way..." - Miske emails the Department of Parks stating “Bottom line is the lights are not coming down on 1/2/18 or after...” - Miske calls the department and threatens: “He (Miske) mentioned that if he can’t get that, that Uncle Buzzy will cut it down.” “Uncle Buzzy” is a reference to Willian “Buzzy” Hong, the politically influential former executive director of the Hawaii Building and Construction Trades Council..." - Miske again threatens via email: “You folks can start due process immediately in having the lights shut down, turned off, or whatever you folks prefer to do and when that happens, I’ll put them back, again and again,” - Miske then threatens to activate Ozawa and "our bill" and get him moving on the threatened bill: "Miske also threatened to resurrect Bill 40,... "I’ll move forward with bill 40 so we’re clear the lights can stay on at night through-out the year"” he wrote. ​ So Miske is going around town, threatening city staff, threatening to have the tree cut down if doesn't get his way. So what does Trevor Ozawa do? Walk away? Announce that this type of behavior is not acceptable? NOPE. He introduces the bill that Miske was threatening city workers with..."our [Ozawa/Miske] bill". The Bill proposed was a broad sweeping bill that "would have established an “Adopt a tree” program allowing, among other things, for private individuals to place decorations or lights on any of the 200,000 trees managed by the parks department, including street trees or trees in any city park." "The bill put the parks department between a rock and a hard place. Ozawa seemed to be flexing his political muscles by offering the department a choice — accede to Miske’s request and authorize the Hawaii Kai tree lights despite the department’s continued opposition, or else face the possibility of Bill 40 passing and creating a far larger set of managerial problems." "Ozawa’s political message was received, loud and clear, and a political workaround was created by terming Miske’s tree lights a gift to the city." ​ Political mobsters. Basically, I am going to implement a program that makes it difficult for the parks department to do their job, thus making the the average Hawaii resident's life worse...unless you authorize this for one special resident. "A few minutes later, Miske sent a followup email: “And if we are successful in passing bill 40 I’ll be sure to allocate appropriate funds and place my best marketing efforts forward in notifying everyone on Facebook and Other social media platforms … so they can also apply for similar projects.” Wonderful. ​ This is just one of Ozawa's deals. How many more are there that we don't know about? (almost all of the above are just quotations from this article) Full Article
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