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10 days ago

Opinion: Off-premise liquor stores : Full disclosure: I’m a new resident, who is quickly falling in love with the city, and that won’t change. But I am tired of the traffic and seeing/reading/hearing about alcohol infused violence from off-premise liquor stores. The public health school has exposed for over a decade how black, low-income neighborhoods have a disproportionate number of off-premise liquor stores relative to white or racially integrated neighborhoods. Recently, there is evidence that off-premise liquor stores are more strongly associated with violence than on-premise outlets. It begs the question of our city leadership: does the tax revenue and private revenue generated from these off-premise outlets offset the cost the community bears, i.e. increased patrolling in certain areas/times, and responding to assaults, robberies, murders, etc.? I’m not trying to say that alcohol alone is the problem or that off-premise outlets don’t belong, but I do think they need to be more critically scrutinized. There is no free-hand that is going to say huh, yeah we probably don’t need another liquor store in neighborhoods that have grappled with substance abuse for decades. Full Article
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