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13 days ago

Anyone in or around Winter Garden/Occoe looking for a roommate in the next 2-3 months? : Maybe somewhere a little more south too. I work near Williamsburg, I like my job there but I'd rather live a little closer to my girlfriend. Obviously looking to meet up a couple times before moving in to talk a bit. I like to game, usually co-op stuff. I read a lot too, lately I've been in to Brandon Sanderson. I like music, I don't tend to listen without headphones unless it's pretty quiet or I'm in my car though. I spend most weekends with my girlfriend in Clermont, but she might come over for the day sometimes. I like to cook for myself although I'll admit sometimes I take a day to clean up afterwards. I don't have a cleaning boner or anything but I don't like to live in trash. I'll probably come off a little awkward at first but once I get to know people I love hanging out some times. Right now I'm spending about $600/month after rent/power/internet/etc, ideally I want to stay around that. Full Article
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