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12 days ago

Has anyone checked out this proposal for RI Rapid Rail? : I came across this proposal for a rapid rail service that would use the existing Amtrak electric lines to provide rail service between the upcoming Pawtucket station with service through Providence and Warwick down into South County. ​ I think this is a awesome idea, especially considering the time savings - Newport to TF Green in 30 mins, Prov in 40 which saves nearly half an hour versus the current bus route, and Prov to TF Green in 11 minutes. They say it would also increase bus frequency all over the state without increasing operating costs, and the electric passenger car costs the same as a bus over it's much longer lifetime and lower staffing cost per passenger. ​ It's just a proposal right now but it seems like a brilliant way to reduce our reliance on Mass. transit authority while improving service and reducing travel times without boosting operating costs and with a reasonably modest infrastructure investment. What do you guys think? Full Article

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