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5 days ago

Berkeley and Grade Deflation : I'm a high school senior considering studying computer science at Berkeley, and I hear a lot about how it's really tough to earn good grades there. I did some research and found this page:, and... it doesn't really seem that bad? EECS and CS majors have average GPAs of 3.45 and 3.42, respectively. The GPAs for other majors seem reasonable as well, and don't seem too out of place compared to GPAs from other colleges with similar student quality. Also, an alumnus told me that introductory CS courses were curved to a 2.7, but I looked found past grade distributions on and it's never been like that, even in the years he attended. So I'm confused about that as well. Would you say grade deflation is an actual issue? Are students working harder for the same GPA compared to peer schools? Or is it just a dissatisfied but vocal minority voicing this? Thank you for your help! submitted by /u/One_Information [link] [comments] Full Article
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