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3 days ago

Borzoi/Russian Wolfhound owners? : Hi, for a long time one of my 'adult' goals has been to own a Borzoi. I'm nearing that goal and want to make sure I will actually like the breed and such. While the looks of the breed is what initially brought me to it, I am also very compatible with their reported temperament, their size, method needed to train them, a fan of no-to-little barking, among other things I have read about them (which is why I ended up focused on borzois over, say, salukis or greyhounds). I was wondering if there was anyone in Connecticut kind enough to let me meet their Borzoi at a public dog park or something. Unfortunately, despite the significant amount of time I've been waiting to finally be in a place to get my own, I've never even seen one in person! Being able to talk about them with an experienced owner would be great as well. I would be extremely grateful. I know this is a longshot as well, but I've seen far more unlikely things happen due to reddit! (Before you jump on me for, most likely, not adopting a dog- I have a constant search running on adopt-a-pet for rescued borzoi and I'm the proud owner of two rescued cats and a dog who recently passed.) Full Article

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