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5 days ago

EFF, real champagne socialists... : I am just going to come out and say it. I hate the EFF, I hate their message, the hate that they try to stir up and I think their voters are all uneducated mouth breathers. If you wear one of their stupid berets (...that are made in China...) then I have already judged you an idiot. So it was no surprise to see the "leaders" aka main morons walking through the V&A Waterfront before SONA in their red coveralls and maid uniforms while clutching Louis Vuitton handbags, shopping at the boutique shops and eating at the fanciest restaurants. I have a friend who said Malema and co rented a Villa in one of the most affluent areas and basically kept the whole neighbourhood up till 4am with the constant partying. Now, I have no issue with people having fun and spending their money as they see fit. But please, stop saying you are fighting "for the people" when all you are greedy Champagne Socialists. Full Article

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