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8 days ago

Moving to Santa Barbara / Carpintiera! : Hey y’all, I just accepted a job in Carptintiera starting in early June. I’m relocating from New Orleans, Louisiana and I’d love some tips on where to live / what to do in the Santa Barbara area. I’ve only visited LA and SF before, so no real experience with the area. I’m big into cycling/mountain biking as well as hiking and amateur surfing, so as y’all can imagine SB is very appealing to me! How bad is housing/where should I look to live? My max rent is fluid, but I’d like to pay under $1k per month if possible. I’ll be graduating college in May and my job pays $18/hr with full benefits, so not sure how affordable that is to live in Santa Barbara. I am very willing, and expecting to have roommates. Should I be looking further away for housing? I have a car so a 40 minute commute is fine but I’d rather not go further than that. Hope it’s ok to ask these questions here, don’t want to sound spammy. Thanks for the advice, and very excited to get out here soon! submitted by /u/roll_wave [link] [comments] Full Article

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