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/r/Atlanta Flight Deals. February 14, 2019 : Atlanta to Malta, 1 stop: $496 Atlanta to Rome, .5 stop: $684 Atlanta to Florence, 1 stop: $497 Atlanta to Milan, 1 stop: $623 Atlanta to Paris, .5 stop: $657 Atlanta to Nice, 1 stop: $510 Atlanta to Lyon, 1 stop: $519 Atlanta to Marseille, 1 stop: $507 Atlanta to Frankfurt, 1 stop: $678 Atlanta to Berlin, 1 stop: $667 Atlanta to Munich, .5 stop: $556 Atlanta to Dusseldorf, 1 stop: $566 Atlanta to Madrid, NONSTOP: $605 Atlanta to Barcelona, 1 stop: $647 Atlanta to Geneva, 1 stop: $503 Atlanta to Basel, 1 stop: $495 Notes This data might be stale. Watch those prices. The use Google Flights to find a date that works for you. Click the date to the right and let the calendar populate with the prices. Some of the airlines are only showing prices for the shitty basic economy (Can't pick seat, etc), so expect the price to be a little more. Especially with Delta. I would recommend buying from the airline's website instead of third party (priceline, expedia, etc). If you find a better deal, post the link. ".5 stop" means nonstop one way. There are too many places to list. Use Google Flights to find any place you think I'm missing.

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