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Aggressive behaviour on Melbourne roads, what to do? : So I'm on my motorcycle learners, and in just the one month I've faced so much abuse just by being in the road within legal limits. What gives? What can I do to change about my driving style (while staying legal) to reduce these aggressions? Having suffered CPTSD I'm really scared that I'm going to piss someone off and they would deliberately hit me or get out at the lights and launch an attack. My bike's speedometer reporting is about 2kmh slower than gps. In just one month of driving in between the inner eastern suburbs and the cbd, I've faced : Drove at 40 in a 50 zone, one lane per direction, in the morning. Car behind horns, then dangerously overtake at like 50 continuing to horn. Had to evade to avoid being run into a parked car. Mind you, cars usually go 40 on this stretch of road due to it being a bit narrow. Drove 50 in a 50 zone, left lane in a 2 lane per direction road. Almost everyone was going faster than me, had a few dangerous cut ins requiring evasive action to avoid a crash. Tried keeping up with traffic but my speedometer read 60. No thanks. Drove 62 in a 60 zone, 2 lane per direction with the left having parked cars so I sat on the right. There was 300m gap of parked cars but I stayed on the right a good 6 seconds behind another vehicle. Guy pulled up beside me telling me to fuck off then floored it. Stopped at a stop sign while indicating to do a left turn. Car pulled up on my right, also intending to turn left. Anticipating he might be an idiot and cut me off, I played safe. He took off, cutting me off without regard for my safety. Had a guy tailgate me at 50kmh down a winding hill in a 60 zone, one lane per direction. It's quite dangerous to go any faster as the road was wet and all the good people went 50 anyway. Intimidating with his loud v8. Pulled over as gently as I could hoping I don't get rear ended and he took off, passing dangerously close. Was travelling at maybe 30 (due to slow moving traffic ahead) towards a set of green lights that turned yellow and there was enough room to brake moderately to a stop. Guy some distance behind me on my left floored it and went just as the lights turn red. Driver behind me in a noisy v8 was visibly very annoyed and I could hear him cussing me out with racist Asian people related remarks through his open window. Crawled (not lane filter, of course) through start stop traffic at maybe like 20kmh max speed. Guy in a high performance Porshe race car thingy was horning and tailgating me for a short while. Reason unknown.

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2 months ago

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