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7 days ago

Interested in moving to North Carolina : Hello there. I'm making this post because I'm interested in visiting and possibly even moving to North Carolina. I'm thinking of perhaps going to Charlotte. Born and raised out here in the state of Iowa my entire life, only ever having lived in 3 different settlements. (1 city, 1 average-sized town, and a small town.) What kind of employment is North Carolina? I'd say I'm best at manual labor and warehouse jobs. Is North Carolina generally a safe place? (Especially Charlotte?) The locals are friendly, yes? How much does renting and housing cost on average? Are lower priced areas generally more dangerous? How is the weather? Does it get very cold or snow in the winter time? What kind of things are there to do for recreation in North Carolina? I look forward to reading the replies I get here, on this post. Thank you for your time. Full Article

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