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4 months ago

Conflicting Unemployment Messages : Hey yall, I know I will probably be better off bombarding the unemployment office in the long run with calls but I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience. I received two correspondence today in my inbox. The text in the first one says: "The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has ALLOWED the claimant's application for unemployment compensation benefits with a benefit year that begins 04/12/2020. During this one-year benefit period, the claimant's benefits rights are as follows:" It goes on to outline mt weekly benefits amount and other info. the second one says: "This agency finds that the claimant received deductible compensation for the time period beginning 05/03/2020 that equals or exceeds the weekly benefit amount. As a result, the claimant is not eligible for benefits for that period per Ohio Revised Code Section 4141.31 and/or Section 4141.312." So does this just mean that my first claim was denied because I was let go on a Friday and my general unemployment is still approved? I haven't received any payments yet. Just confused! Full Article
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