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12 days ago

Any media studies or rhetoric alumni/majors here? New transfer with some questions : I was admitted for fall 2019 as a media studies major, with intent to double major in rhetoric. Have any of you people who have graduated had luck finding a job or an internship as media studies or rhetoric majors? Because I've heard bad things about majoring in non-STEM (especially in Silicon Valley) and I'm nervous... My dream is to be an author (lol) but more realistically I have no idea, maybe a copy editor. Do you think they are good degrees for finding work? I was excited to go because I got in to the TLLC and Martinez Commons and I already made some friends and whatnot, but I guess I'm having imposter syndrome or something. I'm super anxious. However I am still unsure if I should go to Cal, because I'm 0% sure of what I want to major in (I took no compsci, business, economics, chemistry, calculus, etc. classes at my community college, I have no idea what I'm interested in besides reading and writing). Any advice? Would meeting with a counselor help? I called and they said I can't meet with a counselor until July 25th. Thank you :) submitted by /u/gigihadont [link] [comments] Full Article
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