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11 days ago

Class Cancelled, HELP : Wassup Y'all, I'm a second-year student. I had my schedule all lined up after Phase I and was at 13 units. All was right in the world. UNTIL today, when I received an email that History 88 ("How Does History Count?", 2 units) was cancelled and held over until Spring 2020 semester. Tonight, I tried to enroll in a class to replace those units when it said I didn't have a valid appointment time as Phase II hasn't begun yet. I would think there is some kind of exception for when a class is cancelled. Is there anything I can do to enroll in a class ASAP due to my situation? (I'm currently at 11 units and would like to get up to 16 if you guys have any class suggestions!) submitted by /u/CrimsonComet116 [link] [comments] Full Article
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