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11 days ago

Pitaria Express : Like many in Tallahassee, I love Pitaria's food. I've been eating at Pitaria/Pitaria Express since I was in college. However, since the Express location opened, the service has really gone downhill. I've gotten home a few times and realized something was missing from my order, usually a drink or dipping sauce. Something that I forget before I decide to eat there again. Well, I went through last week. My SO ordered the Gyro Royal (supposed to have grilled mushrooms and onions) and they were out of mushrooms. She got it with just the grilled onions (for the same upcharge- $0.75). They were also out of tea...which just seemed odd. So we get home and her order had raw onions and tons of them. I didn't get a pita to dip in my hummus, which is always in there. And she didn't get tzatziki sauce for her fries. I called the number on my receipt to complain. The phone was answered with "Hello? Who is this?" I said I was calling Pitaria and wanted to talk to a manager. The person on the phone then said "This is lunch hour. Thank you." and hung up. That's gonna be my last trip there, sadly. I love the food but can't deal with that kind of service. If you guys eat there, you have been warned! Full Article

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