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13 days ago

Prospective Freshman with A LOT of questions : Hi guys, I recently got admitted into UC Berkeley and being an international student that's trying her best to save $$$, I have a lot of questions (both on financing a Cal education and courses in general); so that's why I'm creating a separate post instead of adding onto the megathread. ​ I want to double major in Economics and Computer Science or Data Science, so my first few questions are: - With Data Science being a relatively new major, why would someone choose it over CS at Cal? Are the classes well-organised or pretty messy because it's so new? Also, is Data Science too narrow of a major to be doing at an undergraduate level? - What are the recruitment opportunities (esp in L&S Econ and CS) at Cal like? - What are internship opportunities at Cal like? ​ I'm also really interested in the HKU-Cal program where you spend 2 years in HKU and 2 years in Cal. Though this may sound pretty ambitious, I plan to do a Econ degree in HKU and a CS degree from Cal (each one in 2 years). Do you think it's possible to do this? I know Cal's CS classes, even in L&S, are notoriously hard to get, but I was wondering if I took online courses, would it be possible to transfer some credits and graduate with a CS degree in 2 years? If anyone has any experience or knows someone with experience in this HKU-Cal program, I'm really interested in learning more as well. ​ Also, as an international student, I'd be paying the out-of-state school fees. Ever since applying, my financial situation has changed, so I need a little extra financial help. I know Cal is (understandably) pretty stringent on financial aid for OOS, but I was wondering if there are any novel ways to get in-state tuition after a certain period of time or find a workaround. I'm really sorry if this question irks anyone, but I'm pretty desperate for any advice I could get (other than saving money on living costs) because Cal is truly my dream school and I want to make this work. I tried applying for some private scholarships, but a lot of them require a US residency which I won't have, unless I live in the US. I've heard of people accelerating their college courses to graduate early too, which is an option for me. I also heard of students who deferred their admission and enrolled in online courses to transfer credits and hence, cut costs. Is this realistic? ​ Thanks so much to anyone who has read so far and I really appreciate and look forward to any helpful responses. :) Full Article
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