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4 months ago

Arkansas Electricity Production February 2020 : Petroleum: 5 GWh (0.1%) ↑ 0.1% Natural Gas: 1,152 GWh (30.6%) ↓ 6.6% Coal: 880 GWh (23.4%) ↑ 3.0% Nuclear: 1,298 GWh (34.5%) ↑1.5% Hydro: 325 GWh (6.9%) ↑1.8% Solar Photovoltaic: 13 GWh (0.3%) ↑0.1% Biomass: 16 GWh (0.2%) ↑0.5% *↑&↓ are change in percentages as a total and not nominal changes. Pie Chart Total electrical generation decreased in February from 4.2 TWh to 3.8 TWh from January numbers. This is typical and attributed to lower energy usage during cooler months. Coal numbers are the third lowest number January 2001, second was January 2020, with the lowest in April 2019. Natural gas decreased by 418 GWh. Nuclear decreased 87 GWh, which is produced in Russelville at Entergy’s Nuclear 1 and Nuclear 2 plants. Hydro increased 37 GWh which is typical this time of year as Arkansas is fairly wet in the spring. Solar Photovoltaic saw its largest numbers for any February with 13 GWh compared to 9 GWh in both 2019 and 2020. Hopefully we will continue to see more production as additional solar farms are being built by Arkansas utilities. Feburuary 2020 data available on EIA.GOV. Full Article
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