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7 days ago

Is UGBA 10 fine to take in first semester freshman year? : Hey, I'm an incoming pre-Haas/Econ freshman. I was planning on taking an R&C course this semester but I ended up getting a 5 on AP Lit, so I have room for another class in my schedule. Is it okay to take UGBA 10 in my first semester? My main concern is that since it's the primary business class to get into Haas, I'm scared of messing it up since I'm not yet used to Berkeley courses (I did go to a rigorous, competitive high school though if that helps). My schedule would look like this: Math 16A (or 1A if I can't get the class due to my late enrollment time) UGBA 10 EPS C20 (physical science breadth) GEOG 50AC (American cultures requirement) 13 total units, as I do want to take it really easy first semester and get involved, make friends, etc. Thank you!! submitted by /u/wafflesfirst [link] [comments] Full Article
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