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17 days ago

Can anyone clarify the intent of this petition being signed around Lake Eola? Link inside to text. : The petition appears to reinforce the existing laws in place. Maybe it is considered different because it doesn't explicitly state must be in good mental health and must not be a felon? I took a look at it and it basically said you must be a citizen and 18 years old to vote. I wasn't aware of current laws so I didn't sign it. At first I thought it was a shady initiative to disallow green card holders to vote, now I'm not so sure. It just seemed fishy to me that the people handing out the petitions didn't seem to grasp english very well, looked very young, and may very well have not had full citizenship themselves. I don't know... it just seemed shady, but maybe someone can explain the text better to me and why it's important? Thank you in advance. Full Article
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