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Ending a German lease: I want to, cotenant doesn't. : Hi! I also posted on legaladvice, but this is in Germany so I thought i should reach out here too. I'm really desperate to end this. As the title states, I am the lease holder together with my former cotenant. I moved out more than two years ago and we agreed he would do the necessary procedures to get my name out of the contract and take over. He hasn't been earning enough to do so and has not taken over the contract in these two years. I've had enough of being legally responsible for this contract despite not even living in the country anymore and therefore sent a formal letter stating that I wanted to close the contract and gave three months notice. The agency responded saying that without the signature of my co-tenant, there is nothing they can do and the contract can't be terminated. He won't sign it, as it would mean moving out and he has insufficient funds to sign a new contract. Surely I have some rights here? There has to be a way that I can end my involvement in this contract somehow. My parents are the guarantors of this flat, so I was thinking maybe somehow getting them to finalise their guarantorship agreement? Thank you for any advice you can offer on this.

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2 months ago

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