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3 days ago

DM seeking group. New 5e Campaign : Hello all, I am currently looking for a group of adventurers to play my new campaign. I'll be looking for around 5 more players to play my homebrew campaign. Whether you have tons of dnd experience or you just are completely new I'm looking for people who like to have a good time and get nerdy lol. So if you are looking to join in a new home game check out the two links below one is a short questionaire about your experience and class your might be interested in and the second link is a website about the campaign, please read it as well, and i hope to play with everyone soon, we should be starting our actual 1st session May 3rd. ​ A little about the campaign, it's a very evolving campaign where your choices will effect a lot. I'm bringing my love of games where the hero not only changes himself a long the way but the town, its people, the land itself will change along with the choices that are made. Will you end up a hero with a flourishing land, or maybe a not so hero where bandits now run towns. The possibilities are endless. ​ - Here is a short questionaire to fill out if you would be so kind, this is how we will contact you refrain from leaving your contact info on this post. ​ - Here is a website I'm creating for the campaign, right now there isnt a lot on it but as you play it will expand as well chronicling your adventures and choices. Full Article
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