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4 months ago

137 of the 145 total COVID-related deaths in Oregon (94.45%) are from people 60+ years old. The majority (67) of these were 80+ years old. No one under the age of 40 has died. Should we be rethinking our response in our state? : Source: To put this into a little further context, more Oregonians (185) have died by suicide during this pandemic than have from COVID-related causes. This is not to say that there should be no concern about COVID at all, but an examination of our response should be fair. I am concerned for my grandparents and others who are otherwise at risk due to other health conditions. Personally though, as someone that is young and healthy, the risk of the virus does not concern me. I question why we are doing state-wide lockdowns when the statistics don't lend themselves to the vast majority of Oregonians being in any significant danger. Particularly when these shut downs are certainly causing severe damage to the lives of hundreds of thousands (if not millions). It seems to me that people are underestimating just how significant and lasting the consequences of these shut downs are and will be. Much of the pain is currently being masked by extreme amounts of borrowing, but the hurt is already beginning to set in despite the stimulus bandaids. I don't think protecting our sick and elderly and openly discussing concerns about the livelihoods of everyone else are mutually exclusive. What do you guys think about the current re-opening plans? Are we on the right course? Are they moving too slowly? Were they too strict to begin with? Full Article
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