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Dear All VVIP delegation from Saudi Arabia is likely to come : Dear All VVIP delegation from Saudi Arabia is likely to arrive in Pakistan on February 16 for a two-day visit. Following additional security measures will be taken in the capital: Additional security checkpoints will be established on the roads. All entry points of the federal capital will be scrutinized through special arrangements during the two days of his presence in the country. Most areas in the immediate vicinity of the Red Zone will remain closed. Metro Bus limited to Rawalpindi only, normalcy scheduled for February, 18. Likely LEA deployments all along the twin cities. Traffic Plan under Approval, will be issued by Police. Entry of heavy traffic will not be allowed in specific times while small vehicles allowed to move on alternate routes due to the closure of some boulevards including Express Highway. Heavy traffic coming from Lahore would not be allowed to use Expressway and they will have to use the alternate route from Rawat T-Cross for Rawalpindi Saddar, GT Road, and Peshawar. Heavy traffic coming from Peshawar would not be allowed to enter Islamabad as well as IJP Road and they would have to use the route from Chungi no.26, Meharabad to go towards Rawalpindi and Lahore. Heavy traffic coming from Murree would be stopped at ‘17 Meel Toll Plaza’ while those coming from Kahuta Road will be diverted towards Rawat T-Cross from ‘Kak Bridge’. Expressway from Koral Chowk to Garden Chowk and Faisal Avenue till Rescue-15 U-Turn will remain closed in specific times. Murree Road from Faizabad to Rawal Dam Chowk, Kashmir Chowk and Serena Hotel, Kashmir Highway from Peshawar Mor to Serena will remain closed at specific timings. Constitution Avenue from Radio Pakistan to Serena hotel and Suhrwardy Road from Embassy Road to Serena hotel will remain closed. Ataturk Road from Serena hotel to Nadra Chowk will also remain closed for routine traffic operations. Recommend to allocate additional travel time for schedules due to disruptions throughout Islamabad & Rawalpindi for February 16th & 17th. Minimize nonessential movement and maintain heightened vigilance. Islamabad air space will be closed temporarily during MBS arrival and departure people planning to travel through Islamabad Airport on 16th & 17th February should reconfirm flight itineraries. You may also face temporary cellular network shutdown, during any move keep your Identification document in possession.

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2 months ago

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