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14 days ago

Are there any doctors around here that are regularly on schedule for appointments? : My wife and I are getting tired of scheduling visits with doctors who don't seem to have any respect for our time. Most of our appointments are usually scheduled weeks in advance, and we try to arrange them so impact to work or other obligations is minimized. We generally arrive on-time, and often are even 10+ minutes early. Still, we end up stuck waiting in the reception area until about a half-hour past our appointment time. Then, after we've gone through the initial weight and vitals check, we're left in an exam room to wait another half-hour or so before the doctor actually sees us! Altogether, time at the doctor's office tends to run 1.5-2 hours for a visit that only contains at most 20-30 minutes of actual examination and consultation! If y'all know any doctors that don't do this, I'd love to hear of them. So far, this experience has been nigh-universal for me. Specialists tend to be a bit better, but we're still looking for a really good primary care doctor. Preferred areas are south Orlando, downtown Orlando, or Winter Park. But I'll gladly stretch out of my comfort zone for really good and reliable service. Full Article
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