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13 days ago

Information on homeless shelters in Tampa? : I've finally been removed from my residence. As I wasn't legally a tenant and can't prove how long I was here, I was only given 2 days notice by the police. The person I was staying with is being kind enough to give me a ride to Tampa proper, where it will be much easier to find work, but the only process I've found for applying at shelters here is to go and apply in person daily. A new beginnings has offered to hold a bed for me for 3 days until I can get an initial deposit together, and it's honestly where I would prefer to end up in the long term as they offer sober living and cheap transitional housing. Just curious if there are any programs that are less commonly known about. I've already reached out to homeless helping homeless, and I believe they gave me a pretty thorough list of information, but thought I would ask just in case anyone here had information about lesser known programs or maybe experience in general. From everything I've gathered, this is a pretty horrible area to be homeless in and the homeless people themselves are rather rude in this area. Any advice would be appreciated. Full Article
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