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13 days ago

Let's make a viral video! : Okay, crazy ideal I just thought of. So I have a business, lawn mowing, driveway leveling/grading, and stump grinding. I do other stuff like sod replacement, removing hedges, and bush hogging. So I was thinking, mostly what I do is stumps (remove stumps) and bumps (driveway leveling). Stumps (pumps) and a bump! Oooh, did I really just go back to a 90's reference? For all those who don't get it, here is "Stumps and a bump" the video: Any aspiring YouTube celebs on here? What about rappers or videographers? How about attractive ladies that would be down for a 90's style MTV video shoot? I'd love to re-create MC Hammer's "Pumps and a Bump" with an updated "Stumps and a Bump" for my business as a viral commercial. Yes I will pay. And we can make it fun, beer and pizza on me. Who's down? PM me with your MC Hammer skills. I'd like a rapper/rap group or band with a sense of humor to pull this off, audio person, someone on camera, and looking for maybe 5 or so ladies who would be okay in a bikini. Backdrop would be a stump/bump for removal and my tractor gear. I'll keep it fun, maybe we all go out for beers after. Pay depends on experience and skill. If we can make a viral video, I mean something that really takes off, pay would be commiserate. Otherwise whatever is fair for the day, but I want people intrigued by the idea. In other words, I see this project as being more fun than work. Who's in? Let's grab a drink and chat. PM me please. Full Article
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