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4 months ago

RI Gig Worker Unemployment Question : Hey all, hope you're well. I had a quick question on the new unemployment for gig workers that's been enacted during the pandi. I'm a freelancer that gets paid biweekly by the agency I work for. This is all back pay from around six months ago, some even longer, some shorter, but all back pay. Work is starting to pick back up again and I am billing some stuff out, but it's altogether around ~30% of my pre-COVID pay, and I won't see the money for another 3-6 months. What figure should I be reporting when I certify my unemployment assistance: the actual money deposited in my bank account biweekly, or the money I'm billing out for the jobs I did that week? I can't get ahold of anybody at the DLT to get a straight answer. Thanks for your help. Full Article

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