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4 months ago

Someone stole a baby goat :( : I just saw this on the Filbert Street Garden's Facebook page: At 12:13am on May 19th, 2020, two teenage boys broke into Filbert Street Garden and took Ed the baby Nigerian Dwarf Goat. They cut the lock off the barn and cut through the goat fencing. Ed is 20lbs, white with black stripes, and tan 'moon spots' in his white fur. They brought a container for him. Please - if you see a goat like him in Baltimore City or Northern Anne Arundel County, please call us at (831) 402-1066. We're not sure if the hope is to sell him or if it is part of some initiation. Filbert Street Garden and the community begs whoever did this to please just quietly return Ed. He is not old enough to ween from his mother yet and could die. This is both heart-breaking and rage-inducing. Full Article
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