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4 months ago

Anyone who grew up in garberville remember “skyfish learning academy?” I vividly remember going there, I believe I have the correct name, but some strange memories. : I should also add I have almost no memory of learning, mostly walking to the younger area which was fenced in, and much, much more walking to a cemetery, cabin thing in the woods that was some kind of dancing area, a large “field” for recess, in which were aloud anywhere and to do anything, including climbing up a tree, up and behind a hill, and even going the aforementioned cemetery and cabin, of which were over five minutes away, far too much for a single “teacher” to walk. Along with walking, there was a strong emphasis on talking with people, and almost forced bonds with inanimate objects. The following paragraph is NSFW. We were only aloud two friends from which I can remember, and I also remember a large amount of fighting and general violence in the class. I was stabbed by another kid, bit by a much smaller one, and the teacher seemed to not care. There were also “farmers markets” in which kids were essentially forced to sell something valuable to strangers. I was forced to share my entire LEGO collection, for which I received 750 dollars. There were also rumors of sexual assault between two students, with one of them being forced to do things I don’t want anyone to try to think about. I found drugs underneath the main area, of which I can’t remember the excactly name, what I can remember was the teacher confiscating my Nintendo 3DS, iPhone, and other things. I told my parents, who drove to the school to try to get it back. They don’t talk about what happened, but all I know is I never got my things back, and we transferred to redwood elementary school, and a few years later we moved. I, along with my classmates, were under 8 years old. I will add more when I recount it. The one other person I know that remembers it has a completely different memory, a much more positive one. Maybe he was lucky? submitted by /u/V_For_Vanonymous [link] [comments] Full Article
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