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2 months ago

My local MP deletes and blocks comments that disagree with him. : Hi all, My local MP is Chris Green (Bolton West, Conservative.) As he's my local MP I follow his Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to see his updates - however I rarely comment. I was quite enraged by the Dominic Cummings incident - so I expressed my concern for Chris Green's defence of him on his Facebook page. My comments did not use any offensive language and just relayed my concern that I felt it was one law for us and one law for Dominic Cummings. After two days, my comments were removed and I was banned from commenting on the page. Since then, I've learned through local Facebook groups, that a large number of users have been banned from his page and their comments deleted. If you scroll through his Facebook page, it's clear that only comments that fit his narrative remain or comments that don't 'fully' disagree with him. I'm 100% of the opinion that offensive comments that aren't helpful to any sort of debate should be blocked - but surely an MP's social media is now one of the main places they hear from their constituents. I'm wondering what everyone's opinions are on this. Full Article

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