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13 days ago

Newtown Residents! I need your help/knowledge. : Hey there! So, the wife and I currently live in and grew up in Shelton. We have 4 kids (4, 3, and twin infants) and are considering a move to Newtown within 2 years. Now having grown up in Shelton we know everything about the town, which schools are techinically the best, where the weird people live, which areas are considered higher end, which are considered lower income, where you'll be shopping depending on where you live, and everything else that goes along with growing up in a town. When it comes to Newtown, we know a little bit but want a true insider's knowledge. For example, regardless of what a map says, people in Shelton know that there are main certain areas of the town: White Hills, Huntington, Downtown, Pine Rock, and Bridgeport Ave. What are they in Newtown? We all know there's a Sandy Hook but that seems to be a huge area on the map, is all of it really considered Sandy Hook? Then I see Dodgingtown, Tauton, Hawleyville, etc. So please everyone, fill me in on your town! Full Article

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