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14 days ago

their Screwing Floridians! : Imagine if some of Florida’s most impactful voter initiatives of the previous 20 years - smaller classroom sizes, medical marijuana, or restoring voting rights - couldn’t even get on the ballot? This is a real threat posed by Anti-Voter Initiative legislation moving fast through the Florida Legislature as I write this. Right now it’s critical that Florida’s state legislators are flooded with phone calls from their constituents in opposition to these undemocratic bills being pushed by wealthy and well-connected corporate interests and their enablers in the legislature. Thank you to the 1,128 of you who have already emailed your legislators.Now we need you to take the next step. Call 850-583-8478, get connected to your legislators, and tell them to vote NO on HB 7111/SPB 7096 – the Anti-Voter Initiative bills. It’s already an incredibly difficult process for Floridians to get an amendment on the ballot and pass it. The Anti-Voter Initiative bills would make it near impossible by raising the threshold from 60% to two-thirds of voters to approve a constitutional amendment, and creation of new, draconian barriers designed to prevent citizen-led groups from getting their initiative on the ballot. Legislative leadership, shamelessly doing the bidding of corporate special interests, have already blatantly ignored the will of voters on critically important citizen-led amendments to stop gerrymandered districts, allow medical marijuana, and conserve land and water, among others. But now they’re taking their shamelessness to new heights by attempting to practically eliminate citizens’ access to the initiative process altogether. Call 850-583-8478 and tell your state legislators enough is enough and to vote NO on the Anti-Voter Initiative bills: HB 7111/SB 7096. These attacks on the ballot initiative process are part of a national coordinated effort to suppress democracy. As reported by the New York Times1, in 2015 the Republican State Leadership Committee launched “a program to defeat liberal ballot initiatives on topics like the minimum wage, and to raise money from corporations that also wanted to kill these efforts.” Now Florida is next on their list. Legislative leaders, threatened by citizen-led petition drives currently underway to ban assault weapons, expand Medicaid, and raise the minimum wage are doing everything they can to silence the voice of voters altogether. Thank you again for speaking out on this issue so crucial to the future of democracy in Florida. Full Article
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