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2 months ago

They could do so much... : The police don't have to fight us. They don't have to form lines and march with shields and batons and guns. They don't need the national guard. If they cared, they could march with us. A march without police tension would never turn violent. But from the start they make it clear that not only are there sides to be taken on this issue, but also that they are taking the opposite side from us. Police marched with protesters in flint. Police marched with protesters in Camden. But elsewhere? They can't even bring themselves to say black lives matter, that they're upset too. I don't care about orders. I don't care about buildings or private property. The coat factory doesn't have feelings, thoughts, or a heartbeat. When you cut it it bleeds our money. They beat us here because they have ALREADY DECIDED that we are their enemy. They say they're "serving the country" but who is the country? WE are the country and THEY are fighting US. Full Article
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