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7 days ago

My friends and I are starting a new supporters group for the San Jose Earthquakes! : Hey all, I just wanted to put this out there and anyone is welcome to join. My friends and I are all from the North Bay and we have been making the pilgrimage to games in San Jose for years now and have loved every minute of it. Recently, we have been a little frustrated by the lack of attendance and support for the Earthquakes as, believe it or not, the quality of play is actually very good and we wanted to improve the Quake's support. We know that passion for soccer is abundant in the bay and we want to spread it to MLS and make the Earthquakes something to be envied in the soccer world! Our current agreement with the Quakes front office is to stand with the groups Epicentro 74 and the Faultline on the bar terrace, starting opening day, Leave any questions in the comments, PM me, shoot us an email or send us a message on instagram or twitter if you are interested! Instagram: @ coleman_ave_army Twitter: @ avenue_army
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