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Statistics major doing premed? : Hello I’m an incoming transfer as a chemistry major. However, I’m considering on changing my major to “statistics” once I transfer( I currently have all prereqs finished for stats major as well) I’m also a pre-dental student planning to go to dental school after I graduate. The reason why I wanna change my major to stats is because I just wanna earn a more versatile major that will still get me a job in case I don’t get into a dental school(I heard job prospects for chemistry major is pretty bad unless I spend another 8 years doing phd..) So I would like to major in stats as a back up. So far I have finished all of the chem.calculus.physics requirements for my dental school I just need to take bio classes(I have not taken any bio courses yet. I’m planning on taking one bio class during summer at my cc. The rest of the bio courses will have to be fulfilled at Berkeley) My question is 1) How hard is it to maintain a decent GPA as a statistics major? 2) How hard is it to maintain a decent GPA as a stat major compared to a chem major? I know it’s a completely different major, but I just wanna know how hard each would be given that I try my best. 3) Are there premeds majoring in stats? 4) What do you recommend? Should I just major in chem or should I change my major to stats? Full Article
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